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Mosquito QUICK ID:

Color: Varies; Pale brown with whitish stripes across abdomen
Legs: Six
Shape: Narrow Oval
Size: 1/4-3/8 inches
Antennae: Yes
Flying: Yes
Region: All 50



Why are they a problem:

  • Mosquitoes have long legs, and a long proboscis (piercing mouthpart)
  • Female mosquitoes use their piercing mouthpart “bite” people and pets to draw blood
  • Male mosquitoes do not have the ability to extract blood from a host.
  • Female Mosquitoes need blood to lay eggs.
  • Mosquitoes can spread disease such as West Nile Virus, dengue fevers, and malaria
  • When a mosquito inserts her proboscis through the skin, her saliva creates a small, red bump that create mild to severe itching.
  • You can become less sensitive or develop an allergic reaction with repeated stings
  • An allergic reaction can include: swelling, blistering, inflammation, asthma-like breathing difficulty.

Finding the solution:

  • Don’t sit outside at dawn or dusk; that’s when mosquitoes are most active.
  • Bring a big fan outside and have it blowing across the area where you and your guests are hanging out; mosquitoes and flies don’t like wind: it makes it hard for them to fly and it dehydrates them so they avoid it.
  • Citronella candles really do work…but you need at least one candle per 10 square feet; so if you have a 6 foot x 10 foot deck…evenly space six or more citronella candles.
  • If you have a bug zapper light, put it about 15-20 feet from where you will be. Mosquitoes and other flying insects are attracted to the light and will fly to it so keep it away from you. Don’t waste your money on ultrasonic bug traps…they don’t work.
  • Use bug repellant … anything with DEET. It works.
  • Also, try SKIN-SO-SOFT from Avon. It was discovered quite by accident that it was a great mosquito repellant and there is an entire line of AVON Bug Guard repellants.

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