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Squirrel Control

Squirrels in your attic can mean trouble in your home!

Squirrels may be cute…come up and take bread right out of your hand… and look shy and harmless…but they are also destructive and potentially dangerous pests if they get into your home.

Common SquirrelThe fact is… it is a necessity for squirrels to chew constantly. If they didn't, their teeth would grow too big for their mouths. Their natural inclination is to chew and      bite and chaw and chomp and gnaw and munch and nibble and chew and chew….you get the idea.

If you have a squirrel living in your attic, it will set up home by making a nest. Anything you have in your attic…clothes, photos, children’s books…they would be perfect and easy for making their nest.

Once their nest is set up squirrels need easy access in and out of your home and then need something to keep their teeth healthy … so they chew… most likely anything made from wood…floors, siding, studs, rafters…and even electric wiring. Not only can they short out your home or electrocute themselves (and die and STINK and spread disease) squirrels chewing electrical wiring have even started house fires.

And squirrels are not just at home in your attic. If you leave a car parked for an extended time either outside your home or in the garage, squirrels turn them into home and have been know to chew through car wires and hoses.

John Moore, M.S., Entomologist at Royal Pest Management, has predicted a much higher and more active squirrel population this fall. “This year, acorns are everywhere and already on the ground. Look for squirrels to work overtime and for new hiding places to store this abundant food supply.”

Problems, cause by squirrels, vary and must be evaluated before coming up with a solution. “You should NOT just start putting poison in your attic,” warns Moore. “There are methods to trap them if they are in your attic and exclude them once they are removed.”

You also have to decide how you would like to eliminate the threat of squirrels… do you prefer humane elimination or just take a ‘get them out now!’ approach.

Please don’t take squirrels in your attic lightly. Call a pest professional.
For more information on squirrel removal or any and pest treatments, call Royal Pest at 1-800-769-2573 or write us through the contact page. We are always happy to answer questions or stop by for a home inspection at no charge.

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