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Pest Control in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland

E-mailing for Help with Pest Control in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland

Royal Pest Management added a “NEED YA’ NOW” button to our website about two months ago, to make it simple for people to get a quick response when they have a pest problem. With just one click, a form appeared that allowed you to let us know what you needed and how to reach you. The e-mails are monitored daily by a Royal Customer Service Specialist who responds usually within an hour and schedules a Royal Pest Professional to come to your home and solve your pest problem.

We found that by allowing people to e-mail us their pest problem, they described the problem in more detail and we understood their concerns right from the start. For some it was the immediate threat of the problem pest, but for others, it was the health concerns for their family, the location of the pest and even the safety of their pets.

Here are some samples of the e-mails we received from Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland:

“We have a problem with ants. Its like our house was built on an ant hill. They are everywhere and they are horrible. I can not set a soda down for 5 minutes it’s so bad.”

“I garden as a hobby bordering on an obsession. My garden size is 30' by 90'. The last few years I have had extreme trouble with my tomato plants dying off from the bottom up, despite constant rotation, and suspect nematodes or one of the VF wilts as the culprit. I am looking for advice on the prospects of having my garden fumigated after the current growing season. Can you help me in this matter?”

“Good Morning, I had a snake in my bathroom yesterday, and I do have mice. I also have pets and feed the birds and squirrels outdoors. Do you have a product that you can use that would mot be harmful to the animals?? Thank you.”

“I am a residential customer and I have been very happy with the results of the Royal service. I would like to request service at my business location. Please have someone call me as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. I am having trouble with ants (which may be termites) and very large bees along my front walk. Thank you so much for your help.”

"To whom this may concern: About 6 months ago we noticed on the ceilings in our kitchen white larvae, which later turn into a small moths if we didn’t kill them all. I did some research on them and saw that one of the things they are attracted to is bird cages/seed. Well, we have a bird that is in the same area where we are spotting the larvae. We had the bird for a while and never noticed the larvae until 6 months ago. Is there a solution to getting rid of these larvae? Also we have a 13 month old and if we decided to get our house treated, is it safe for children and pets too! Thanks!”

If you NEED ROYAL NOW! Click on the button in the upper right or the bottom of any page and send us and e-mail, call Royal Pest at 1-800-769-2573.

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