Paws for People WAG-N-WALK 5K

Paws for People WAG-N-WALK 5K

Royal Pest was as sponsor and  had a team in the Paws for People WAG-N-WALK 5K. WHEW! Royal Pest's Tom Shannon took first place in his age group for walk. Congrats Tom. Frann and her dog Milo were a Butterfly and caterpillar and Nancy and her dog Nacho were a WOOF SPIDER. They didn't win but they should FAR the most original and prettiest team!

ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY Middletown 10-17-15

ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY : State Clean-Up Day

Royal Pest Solutions participated in the Adopt-A-Highway State Clean-Up Day. Our five-person crew cleaned up the top mile of our designated highway in Middletown. Thanks to Jackie, Frann, Gerald, Bing and Rick for making Delaware roads...and Royal Pest...look good.

Newark HS Homecoming Yellowjacket SMART CAR

Newark HS Homecoming Parade : Yellowjacket SMART CAR

Royal Pest "YELLOWJACKET" Smart Car led the Newark High School Homecoming parade.
Frann threw STRESS GLOBES to the crazed fans! BJ and David took pictures.

We love being part of this touch of Americana... Friday Night High School Football.

This was our FOURTH YEAR doing this. Go Jackets!

The Farmer & The Chef

Royal Pest proudly sponsored The Farmer and the Chef that benefits the March of Dimes. A great night out for a good cause...AND we gave out toothpick holders as people came in and heard again and again how they appreciated them and remembered getting them last year.

Seamen's Center Fun(d)raiser

RPS was proud to sponsor and donate a 55" TV for raffle to The Seamen Center's Fall Fun(d)raiser on September 15, 2015.

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Kitchen Ants


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Termites Swarming


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