Get a Royal Travel Bedbug Kit
bed bugs in bags

Due to increased domestic and international travel, people are being bitten by bedbugs in hotels, motels, and bed-and-breakfasts. Travelers can bring them back to their homes in their clothes or luggage. Once inside a persons’ home, bedbugs infest, produce fecal matter, lay eggs, reproduce and feed on occupants.

If you have or suspect a bedbug infestation, you should call Royal’s Pest Professionals immediately.

When you travel, you can limit the risk of being bitten or bringing home bedbugs with the Bedbug Protection Travel Kit.


rest easy bed bug sprayKills Bed Bugs

Can be used for a variety of bedbug areas including mattresses, wall ceiling joints, baseboards, behind and underneath furniture, cushions and furnishings. Two 2 oz. bottles. Meet TSA Regulations

Laundry Bags

Ten water-soluble laundry bags for safely transporting clothing from hotels to the washing machine. Pack your travel clothes at the hotel in these durable bags and throw the bags directly into your washingmachine. Any “hitch-hiking” bedbugs will be killed during the wash. The bags dissolve and go harmlessly down the drain.

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