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  • Commercial Kitchens

    The combination of food, heat, moisture, and many places to hide is the ideal situation for pests to breed. Look for roaches in dark, moist areas, or squeezed into tight cracks and crevices. Inspect deliveries as they arrive, especially ones coming in cardboard containers or on wooden pallets.
  • Food Processing Plants

    RPS Technicians are knowledgeable in all aspects of forming and maintaining your facility’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program.
  • Retail Food Safety

    RPS understands the pest control dynamics of retail locations, big and small. Working with your Property Management Team, we can structure our Integrated Pest Management service based on needs and render services to the exterior and/or interior of the retail center, in whole or in part. Read More
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Since 1976, RPS has been a leader in sanitation for protection from the diseases spread by insects and other pests. For information on an affordable, effective treatment for your facilities, or for more information, contact Dannis Warf at 302-420-0511