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Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs

We have been seeing a resurgence of BED BUGS all over the country and especially on the east coast. New York City is so infested that there are Government Task Forces working on the problem. Recently, Philadelphia was named the #2 most-infested city. Bed bugs are bad in your home but in cities like Philly, three of the worst places where they can fester, and spread are:

Bed Bugs are Bad for HOSPITALITY Business.

  • Although they don’t spread disease, they do cause embarrassment about the “stigma” associated with an infestation. These places need routine inspections and regular treatments


  • With all the clutter and in and out of guests, dorms are a perfect home for Bed Bugs. Let Royal show you our plan for University housing that includes education of the students as well as treatments, regular inspections and prevention.

Bed Bugs can overtake an APARTMENT complex

  • With so many common walls and tenants always changing you may never know WHO brought the bed bugs into the complex. Once they are there it only takes ONE person to not take care of them and everyone is stuck with them.

Call a Pest Professional and let them handle this problem. Bed bugs are very tough to eliminate, and with a thorough inspection a Certified Pest Professional will determine if direct treatment, heat or fumigation will be the most effective method to end your nightmare.
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